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Malayali House contestants check sanitary pads, clothes for traces of urine

Malayali House Surya TV

How far would you stoop to win a reality show?

What can be more disgusting than to check fellow contestant’s clothes and sanitary pads for traces of urine? For a long time, reality shows like Bigg Boss and Emotional Attyachaar had created huge uproar for indecent content.

Recently, however, Malayali House, a copy of reality show Bigg Boss held a competition to win Renault Duster among the contestants. The rule was to have physical contact with the car for maximum time. This meant no water, food, or to even attend nature’s calls. As if this wasn’t in-human enough, a pot of disgust was thrown in by the contestants themselves as they ran behind fellow-contestants asking them to prove that they haven’t urinated in their clothes.

For a good one week, the contest was aired and no objection was raised on the behaviour. The game touched new level of uncultured behaviour as the contestants kept revealing which of the lady was in her periods or was close to her menstrual cycle. They battled each other out claiming menstruation as a “health disorder”.

The show producers have not yet intervened and the craze for winning the car has actually brought out in open how pathetic human behaviour can be. Mind you, all the contestants are celebrities in their own fields. Contestants have continued to sit beside the car for as long as 30 hours, which has finally resulted in at least a couple of them feeling nausea, cold, and fever.

While, the “highly traditional” moral brigades in the country have time to spot minute details of how long or short a girl’s dress should be or what all religious organisations need to be pleased before a film releases, such disgusting acts find no mention anywhere in the news.

Is this the new television era where people are happy watching such ubsurd shows on prime time? If the TRPs are supporting such shows, then perhaps, it’s time we redefine “cultured” humans and also determine what such shows meant to offer.

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