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Kajal Agarwal’s morphed topless image used by FHM magazine

Morphed topless image of Kajal Agarwal

Now will the Singham act?

While, yesterday we had Poonam Pandey strippind down for the men in blue, FHM (a men’s magazine) has stooped down to new low in yellow journalism by using a morphed picture of Kajal Agarwal in their new issue’s cover.

The actress fumed by the act has been speaking to the media and refuting any such act. The coverstory of the magazine starts saying, “Between it all, she is also obsessed with cricket – and not IPL, but the real test version of the game. And she’s distraught about the walloping the Indian team recently received in England. Only unlike you, she has not suddenly started braying for their blood. Not yet anyway. She has more faith.”

It further adds, “Agarwal though is clear that she does not want to descend onto screens sporting a bikini anytime soon – just to look glamorous. She doesn’t really need to (refer to cover picture for reference).”

Truly, the magazine is neither shy nor in any mood to apologise for outraging the modesty of a woman. Does being an actress mean that they should be ripped off their rights? Until an actor voluntarily makes such a move, stripping them off dignity is surely not a manly move. Hope the editor of FHM is reading this.

(Editors Note: While you all may think why suddenly there are posts about nude and semi nude woman, the editor wishes to clarify that its not his mistake, but a deliberate attempt to choose reader-friendly topics).

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The Editor in Chief and the Admin of this blog, Supreeth Sudhakaran is currently working with Haymarket Media as a trade journalist. He had his career stints at The Indian Express Group as a Sub Editor, Dainik Bhaskar as news and sports Sub Editor and with Planman Media's The Sunday Indian as an Editorial Intern. He has been in the field of journalism/writing for past four years.


6 thoughts on “Kajal Agarwal’s morphed topless image used by FHM magazine

  1. I love you i realy love you

    Posted by Ganesh | March 3, 2012, 3:34 pm
  2. wah what a sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.superb.u are angel,not abad feeeeeel

    Posted by anilkumar.r | December 7, 2011, 7:23 pm
  3. People people calm down. FHM has never in the past or will in the future morph pictures of any celebrities. We shot with madam Agarwal on the 18th of August in Mumbai and have a full team composed of assistants, stylists, make up artists, photographers and others to back it up. We’d be happy to release the full untouched raw pictures on the internet soon to back it up also.

    Furthermore we also have a model release form signed by Kajal herself. To say that the picture is morphed is an insult to both the brand FHM as well as the collective intelligence of you (her fans) as well as anyone with half an idea about how photoshop works. We don’t know what exactly made Kajal change her mind after the shoot…but if she did the magazine really can not be blamed.

    I should know I was present at the shoot and Edit FHM India.

    Posted by Kabeer Sharma | September 6, 2011, 5:43 am


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